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APAICS & NCAPA Appointments Project



APAICS and the National Council on Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) are working to demystify the appointment process and increase the representation of AA & NH/PI political appointees in the federal government. Use the resources below to learn more about the appointment process and how to add your name to the pipeline of AA & NH/PI candidates looking to serve as a political appointee. 

Demystifying the Appointment Process

In a 6-part webinar series, APAICS hosts former AAPI appointees to introduce the political appointment process and demystify what to expect:

  1. Political Appointments 101

  2. The Appointee Process - Perspectives from former AAPI Appointees 

  3. The Appointee Process - Perspectives from Latina & AAPI Women

  4. APAICS & NAPABA: Presidential Appointments, Boards & Commissions

  5. The Power of Executive Appointments: An AAPI Community Learning Session

AAPI Resume Bank

APAICS and NCAPA are working to identify qualified, diverse AAPI individuals to serve in the federal administration. Submit your name here to be part of the pipeline for AAPI candidates:

APAICS/NCAPA Resume Bank. Email any questions you have about the resume bank to

Are you Ready? What to Expect

The Partnership for Public Service Center for Presidential Transition provides helpful resources on the appointment process including types of appointments and key steps:

Partnership for Public Service: Center for Presidential Transition

Additional Resources

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