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Training Resources & Partner Organizations

Non-partisan Resources

  • Ignite trains girls and young women to run for office and participant in the political process.

  • New American Leaders provides training and resources to first- and second-generation Americans.

  • Running Start trains young women in the areas of leadership, campaign strategy, and teamwork, without a partisan lens.

  • Advance Native Political Leadership works to increase the representation of Indigenous people in elected offices at all levels and create pathways to leadership for Native candidates.

  • Higher Heights Leadership Fund trains Black women to run for office and invests in Black women’s leadership. 

  • LatinasRepresent is an initiative to increase Latina participation throughout the civic engagement continuum.

  • LGBTQ Victory Institute provides programming, services, and support to increase the number of LGBTQ people in public office. 

  • Vote Mama Foundation trains and empowers mothers with children 18 and younger to run for office.

  • Vote Run Lead trains women to run for political office and win.

  • Watch "10 Digital Campaign Essentials" with Cheryl Hori, Founder and Chief Strategist of Pacific Campaign House.

  • To learn more about the appointment process for Virginia Boards and Commissions, watch this overview video here.

Left-leaning & Democratic Resources

  • Arena — Arena convenes, trains, and supports the next generation of candidates and their staff. 

  • National Democratic Training Committee — Online or in-person training for any Democrat who wants to run, work, or volunteer on campaigns. 

  • Inclusv — Works to build pipelines for staffers of color in government, campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy, and foundations.

  • GAIN Power — Community building virtual networking coworking platform for individuals, organizations, and campaigns working for Democratic and Progressive change.

  • Looking for diverse consultants for your campaign questions? 

Right-leaning & Republican Resources

  • Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN) — Online candidate training designed with busy women in mind. Their programs can be tailored to individual member needs.

  • Leadership Institute — LI’s unique Future Candidate School teaches potential candidates the steps to take today to ensure a winning campaign in the future. The training focuses on your personal and political preparation for a future career in elected office.

  • American Majority — New Leaders Campaign Training is a one-day candidate training program specifically for state and local candidates.

  • National Federation of Republican Women — Campaign Management School program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of campaigns featuring top-notch Republican political professionals and strategists who have a wide range of knowledge and experience.

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