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Virtual Leadership Trainings

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APAICS Virtual Leadership Trainings are online programs providing the skills and resources to excel as political leaders and plan a run for public office. Through our online virtual programming, trainings are easily accessible and delivered directly to individuals seeking to run for public office, current elected officials, and community stakeholders. Topics will range from developing a campaign plan, digital organizing, power mapping, and fundraising, while including expert trainers in their field of specialty.

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Campaigning in a Digital Environment

With COVID-19 changing the dynamics of how we interact, campaigns are modifying how they connect with supporters. Join us for a webinar discussion featuring expert digital campaign strategists. Learn how to successfully reach your constituents and effectively campaign in a more digital environment by joining us for this timely conversation.


"Show Me the Money" - An Introduction to Fundraising

Fundraising is a critical piece of any campaign and a clear strategy is necessary to win. This introductory training includes the basics of creating a realistic fundraising strategy, understanding donors, and an introduction to campaign finance.


Campaign Security Training with Google

Tune in to learn the latest best practices for protecting your campaign and personal data from targeted online attacks and find resources available to help secure your data.

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