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The Hon. Rochelle Thuy Nguyen

Nevada Assemblywoman & Honorary Co-Chair

Nevada State Assemblywoman Rochelle Thuy Nguyen was appointed in December 2018 and was elected to the same position in November 2020. During the historic 80thsession, she co-founded the first AAPI legislative caucus in the state of Nevada. Assemblywoman Nguyen serves as the Chair of Health and Human Services Committee, the Vice Chair of the Judiciary, and is a member of the Education committee.

When she is not in session, she is a criminal defense attorney. She earned her law degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law. During law school, she co-founded the Public Interest Law Association and was a founding member of the law journal. She has lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years with her husband, Matt Lay, their two children, Henry and Hannah, her 75 year old father, Thang Nguyen, and her 84 year old father-in-law, Dale Lay, and of course their dog Neil.

During the 81st Legislative Session, she sponsored legislation that decriminalized minor traffic infractions, created platform liability for app-based short term rentals, banned citation and arrest quotas, and created multi-parent adoption.

Also, during the 2019-2020 interim, she served as the Chair of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice, is a member of the Sentencing Commission, and is the Vice Chair of the Committee to Conduct Interim Study of Issues Related to Pretrial Release of Defendants in Criminal Cases.

The Hon. Rochelle Thuy Nguyen
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