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National Leadership Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


How does this program differ from other election trainings?

This program is geared specifically towards AA & NH/PIs, allowing participants to engage and create relationships with AA & NH/PIs from around the U.S. and U.S. Territories. All lessons are taught by AA & NH/PI campaign experts or former/current elected officials. Participants will also have access to APAICS’ ever-expanding network of experts and leaders in the political sphere that other programs do not offer. 


What is the APIAVote Presidential Town Hall?

Since 2008, the Presidential Town Hall has served as a forum for AA & NH/PIs to push for AA & NH/PI issues to be addressed and on the radar of campaigns and the media. In giving presidential candidates a space to directly address AA & NH/PI community members, leaders, and organizers, the town hall has become one of the few spaces geared specifically for candidates to speak directly to AA & NH/PIs, about the issues important to this growing electorate. 


How are flights booked?

After acceptance, all participants will fill out a form with preferred flight departure and arrival times. Once flights are booked, participants have 24 hours to let APAICS know if they would like to change their flights. Once the 24 hours have passed, any changes or added costs will be on the participant to manage. 


What if I want to stay extra days?

Participants are welcome to arrive earlier or stay later as they wish, but note that APAICS will only cover hotel expenses for July 10-13.


What if I am coming from the Pacific Islands and my flights don't line up with the program?

Many flights from the Pacific Islands tend to not line up with the program itself. If this is the case, APAICS will work with the participants to coordinate hotel access. This option is strictly for participants coming from the U.S. Pacific Territories.

Do participants get to choose the hotel they want to stay at?

Participants who want to take advantage of the paid-for hotel room do not get a choice on hotel or hotel room. Participants are welcome to book a hotel separately if they wish, though APAICS will not cover alternate hotel selections and recommends staying with your cohort. 


What does room sharing look like? 

Each room will have two (2) people and participants will be paired by gender. APAICS will share in advance who you will be rooming with. APAICS recommends getting in touch with your roommate in advance to coordinate arrivals. The first one to arrive will most likely grab both keys to the room. 


Who pays for incidentals for the hotel room?

Participants will have to pay for incidentals themselves. Please keep in mind that many hotels only take credit cards to pay for incidentals. Discuss with your roommate in advance how you would like to pay for the incidentals. 


What meals will be covered?

Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days of training and at the community reception. All other meals and food will be up to the participant's discretion.


Are we required to stay for all three days of training?

Yes, you are required to attend the full three days of training to keep all benefits paid for by APAICS. If a participant leaves in the middle of a training or does not attend the training at all, participants will be required to reimburse all hotel and flight costs to APAICS.  


 If you run into a situation where you may not be able to stay because of personal reasons, participants will need to contact APAICS to discuss options.

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