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The APAICS Energy Summit brings together industry and community leaders alongside Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander members of Congress to discuss top-line energy concerns that are affecting the nation and AA & NH/PI community at-large. 


Panel topics can range from AA & NH/PI representation in the energy sector, challenges and opportunities with the energy transition, the future of mobility and transportation, as well as the potential effects of new energy infrastructure legislation, and what our partners are doing to adapt to these changing conditions.

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Honored Speakers

Panelists & MODERATORS

2023 Energy Summit Panels

PANEL | Balancing Sustainability and Equity in the Energy Sector

On April 21, 2023, the Biden administration issued Executive Order 14096: Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All, prompting federal agencies to weigh in on the environmental burden of new energy projects on historically marginalized communities.

This panel explores the critical nexus between developing and implementing sustainable energy projects rapidly and the imperative of achieving equity and inclusivity in the energy sector. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, energy reliability and affordability, and social disparities, it becomes increasingly evident that addressing sustainability and equity is essential for a just and prosperous future.

PANEL | The Clean Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

As with any change, transitioning to clean energy can be a bumpy road as we weigh the impacts of this change on present dynamics. This panel sheds light on the challenges, considerations, and opportunities as we develop and implement an energy strategy that propels the U.S. toward a sustainable future. This discussion will address questions around workforce development, hurdles in the legislative process at the federal, state, and local levels, and developing new technologies and research that support a shift to cleaner energy. Join us in this insightful panel discussion as we navigate the complex yet promising  present and future energy policy roadmap.

PANEL | Paving the Path to Equitable and Sustainable Cities

About 50 percent of people worldwide live in cities responsible for 70 percent of carbon emissions. This panel spotlights the pressing need to prioritize sustainability in urban planning and development. The discussion will center on how sustainable cities can be designed and built, focusing  on addressing the unique challenges communities of color face. The panel seeks to inspire transformative actions toward vibrant, sustainable, and equitable urban landscapes by acknowledging historical disparities and incorporating community-driven solutions.

PANEL | Plugged In: Sustainable Transportation Options for the Future

Transportation accounts for 30 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the U.S. However, recent historic investments from the federal government, some states, and many private companies seek to reduce transportation’s environmental impact. This panel sheds light on the additional investments in research, development, and implementation needed to facilitate an effective transition to “green” transportation that simultaneously improves the mobility of people and goods across the globe. The panel will also discuss obstacles that must be overcome to turn this vision into reality.

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