Nikki Oka

Congressman Kaiali'i Kahele

Nikki Oka is dedicated to socioeconomic equity in her home of Hawaiʻi. Interested in public service from an early age, Nikki has worked across many fields including affordable housing, food security, finance, policy, and health care to piece together a holistic view of the many issues that Hawaiʻi’s residents face. 

A proud Native Hawaiian, Japanese yonsei, and Filipina, Nikki is inspired by her ʻohana’s humble plantation roots to work hard and serve the largely AANHPI communities that raised her. During the height of the pandemic, she raised $10,000 for Native Hawaiian food security and community organizations through a digital silent auction. 

In her free time, Nikki volunteers with taro cultivation and invasive species removal efforts and works on a variety of traditional Japanese and Native Hawaiian handicrafts. She also loves to travel, and in 2017, embarked on a 9-month solo journey to circumnavigate and volunteer around the world, loosely retracing the route that Hawaiian monarch King David Kalākaua traveled in 1881. Nikki is a graduate of Kamehameha Schools and the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.